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This product has no title on Amazon 459225

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  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! 18 Watt UV-A lighting – 8,000 working hours – ½ acre coverage. Operated with high powered bug zapper bulb. Easily kill pesky flying mosquitoes and nasty bugs with a painful stinger! Our lamp does the work as well as the best sellers! Compare with Flowtron Electronic Lantern with Bulbs
  • NO HASSLE! Much easier than grabbing for the portable handheld flyswatter tennis racket! No man operated power needed! Just plug in to outlet and it goes to work immediately to zap bugs.
  • CLEAN! Machine has detachable bug catch basin. Easy to dispose of stinger, dead insects and keeps dead bugs from falling to the ground or table surface. Put in the trash or, dispose into your flower bed.
  • MOUNTING OPTIONS! can be set on table, counter, deck or hang from included ring by nail or your own string or chain.
  • ECO FRIENDLY – Non-toxic and no chemical sprays! HIGH QUALITY! Vertical Aluminum inner grid for durability – WILL NOT RUST!