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EasyGoProducts Indoor Teepee Tent, Kids Classic Indian Play Tent & Carry Bag, Walls with Door, Window & Floor, 5 Poles, 62'' Tall

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Teepee stands taller than most at approximately 6 feet tall when assembled (including pole length). teepee material stands at approximately 5.5' In center when assembled. Teepee has overlapping entrance door and one side window. Makes for a great gift large enough that adults can play along with their boys and girls children will enjoy hours of play with friends or, using their imaginations playing on their own. Also makes for a great reading, gaming or movie room The kids will enjoy this tent for years to come easily store in provided zippered carry bag or, take along with you to friends and relatives houses.

  • Kids' Teepee Size: side length 46", top Height 62", pole Length-76" - Teepee weighs 7 pounds
  • Contents of our play Tent for kids: 4 poles 11G polyester canopy (with attached floor and top ties)
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly: its lightweight, portable and PRACTICAL design enables you to pack it and carry it with ease when you need to move it. Even your kids can carry it without any stress on them. All you need to do when you are on a trip is to pack it into the carrying bag and then fit it into a corner of your car trunk. It takes little or no space, so you have enough space for other items and luggage. Thanks to the easy a features embedded in the design of this lovely, unique and kid-friendly children’s Tent.
  • Versatile durable + low-maintenance: this children’s play Tent is ideal for housing your pet dogs such as poodles as well. Our Teepee Tent is a versatile toy for kids and doubles as a Teepee Tent for dogs. This wigwam Tent is similar to the Indian Teepee and offers the best privacy Tent for your child as it has five poles and an octagon base, which guarantees that your child enjoys the most comfortable and pleasurable experience playing in her outdoor indoor Teepee Tent girls room for boys and girls. These five-sided and colorful tee pee tents are easy to maintain. It is very durable, unlike
  • User and environmental-friendly: the toddler and doghouse Tent is made of 100% natural materials such as 100% breathable cotton Polyester and premium wood to which no chemicals and additives have been added. Your health and the safety of our beloved environment is our greatest Profit. Thus, EasyGoProducts always ensures that only the best user and environmental-friendly components are used for making products. This Tepee toddler play Tent is ideal for children 4 years of age up. Accessories include 5 poles (5 bottom poles, 5 upper poles and five plastic pole connectors), 110G polyester canopy
  • Multi-colored, roomy and comfortable: Our beautiful tee pee tents with five poles, five sides are kids’ indoor tents which stand above others at 6’ tall when assembled. They are roomy and very comfortable. They are spacious enough to accommodate two adults and two kids comfortably., offering kids personal space for little secrets and encouraging them to become independent and show respect for others. They are equipped with a zippered entrance and a window giving them the functionality of a children's Home in which kids can play outdoors while enjoying the highest level of comfort. It also tea