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Artificial Grass Joining Tape

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Size:6 inches x 49.2 feet

EasyGo Products Artificial Grass Tape is used as a joining tape to seamlessly attach two pieces of synthetic turf together and is sold in three sizes: 15 cm x 5 meters, 6 inches x 16.5 feet, 15 cm x 10 meters, 6 inches x 33 feet; and 15 cm x 15 meters,  6 inches x 49 feet. This self-adhesive artificial grass seaming tape is sold by individual roll. Made of non-woven fabric, with hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive with a back-slit, crack n' peel release liner. This tape is weatherproof, waterproof and UV resistant. Our seaming tape artificial grass connector requires no glue and is easy to install. Having a shelf life of one year, after seaming turf with this artificial grass joining tape, it will last 6 to 8 years.