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Best Selling WooHoo 2.0 Giant Outdoor Inflatable Lounger with Carry Bag - Air Lounger - Air Couch - Patent Pending

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  • NEW PATENT PENDING DESIGN – Our new WooHoo 2.0® Inflatable Air Lounger is larger and much more comfortable than the traditional canoe shape. Rest comfortable like on a hammock instead of being smashed between two tubes. The gap between the two tubes make the headrest area wider and more comfortable. QUICK INFLATION - NO AIR PUMP NEEDED: Take our inflatable lounger, inflatable couch wherever you are going!
  • DESIGN & WORKMANSHIP: Materials are lightweight, flame retardant, dirt and water repellent, easy to clean and can be used on most surfaces. The double layer design is the same as Kaisr, LayBag and others. This inflatable bag stays inflated for 3-6 hours and holds up to 420 lbs. as an air lounger, air couch, and air hammock. We include a water bottle holder and storage pouch. Our sewn in D-ring and included 5ft of string allow you to tiedown on windy days.
  • COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE: Use as a hammock lounger, a sofa or a single person seat just like the Kaisr, LayBag or others. It is as comfortable as a bean bag chair. Weighing only 3.2 lbs, our Outdoor Inflatable Lounger is lightweight, compact and easy to transport in the handy storage bag when going to the beach, hiking, camping, parks, music festivals, pool (yes it also floats) or even in your backyard. Everyone will be asking where you got your WooHoo 2.0®.
  • RELIABILITY: Other companies are based in China, Netherlands or Germany and what happens if you have a problem? WE SELL REPLACEMENT LINERS if you damage your internal air chamber. We have our own in-house sewing and repair facility in Santa Ana, CA and have been in business for 25 years making inflatables so we have the experience to make a quality product! With us, you can always have use of your inflatable couch, inflatable chair or inflatable air lounger.
  • CAUTION (BE AWARE): Other sellers are not shipping for 30-60 days and many ship from China. Read other listings carefully. Our WooHoo 2.0®’s are in stock at Amazon and available for Prime shipping. Try it, we know you will like it! Buy with confidence as we have over 3,000 feedbacks and 100% seller feedback ratings. You are buying the best product from the best company! The WooHoo 2.0® is not designed or recommended for children under 6 or for pets.