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This product has no title on Amazon 16a2ed

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Give your child the best putty training experience with the latest and best toddlers putty training seat-the Easy Go Putty, the best toddler boy or toddler girl putty seat! It’s putty training seat infant ready! Unlike a lot of businesses offering a toddler toilet seat, the Easy Go Putty delivers the complete package when it comes to a training putty, perfect for your toddler and the perfect putty training seat girl or boy. This toddler putty trainer provides a comfortable cushion seat for baby and a toddler toilet cover for most toilets. This product also makes this baby toilet seat portable, easy to tote since it is a toilet training seat with handles. This portable kids toilet seat fits most standard or elongated toilet seats and is a toilet trainer seat round design with the child’s comfort and safety in mind with its soft toilet training seat cushion and sturdy frame making it the ideal baby toilet seat. It is designed for easy clean up with its removable backrest and anti-splash and anti-slip strips at the base of the product for a safer and more hygienic. This is the ultimate traveling toddler toilet seat designed as a foldable baby toilet seat and made with a toddler toilet seat cover travel friendly. Give this baby boy or baby girl training putty a try with its cushion putty seat and baby toilet seat cover! It’s the best training toilet seat out there!

  • SAFETY AND STABILITY- As a toilet training seat with handles that are adjustable and with 4 non-slip strips at the bottom, this training toilet seat locks securely in place and keeps your toddler from toppling over.
  • COMFORT-Our soft cushion seat for baby adds extra support and comfort for a more enjoyable toilet training experience.
  • EASY CLEAN UP AND ANTI SPLASH DESIGN-The detachable back on this baby toilet seat is easy to clean and more hygienic with an anti-splash design for the toddler toilet cover.
  • BEST FIT FOR YOU-The EasyGo Potty as a training toilet seat is designed to fit most standard and elongated toilets and fully covers the toilet opening.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL-The EasyGo Potty has made this baby toilet seat portable to take anywhere for your toddler.