EasyGo Wheeler Universal Rolling Wheeled Bag Replacement Storage Bag

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The Real WooHoo™ inflatable lounger is only sold by EasyGoProducts

Take your WooHoo™ to lounge at The beach, Lake, Mountains, Hiking, Camping, Parks, Music Festivals, Backyard, & many more places...

Works great outdoors on sand, grass, pavement, swimming pools and any surface without sharp objects. Feel like you are relaxing on a cloud, you found the best air hammock. The double wall construction keeps your inner air chamber safe behind the strong outer shell.

What makes the WooHoo™ unique?

- Our air bag headrest design is much more comfortable

- Bottle holder (for drinks with lids) and iPad/magazine/wallet/keys pouch

- Flame retardant material

- Sewn in D-Ring and 5ft string to secure your WooHoo™

- Liner is replaceable and we sell replacement liners if needed

- We have sewing and repair shop in house in So. Calif. if you damage your WooHoo™

- 25th year in business making inflatable products and not a start-up company like Kaisr Original and LayBag

- Proven company on Amazon with over 2,000 feedbacks and 100% seller feedback rating, check other sellers

Set-Up Instructions: It is more difficult to set-up without wind

1 - Open mouth of one side while holding open at your side move forward in a straight line letting WooHoo™ fill (do not wave around). Once first side is filled close mouth quickly and open second mouth and do same thing to fill second side and close mouth quickly

2 - Repeat above if needed then hold openings closed and start rolling the end over 3-5 times until mostly tight

3 - Grab clips and bend panels to side until clips come together

4 - Set WooHoo™ on ground slide onto it to relax!

Search YouTube for video instructions for "How to set up your WooHoo™"

  • This bag measures 68 X 9 X 9. Made from 600 denier polyester
  • Designed for Universal Fit of almost every brand of pop up tent
  • Has long zipper down the side to make getting tent frame into bag easy
  • Sturdy wheels on the bottom to go over dirt or asphalt
  • Sturdy handle at right level for convenient walking and weight balance