Rinse All EW10 Portable High Pressure Camping Shower

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Rinse All EW10 Pressure Washers are an easy and convenient way to do rinsing and washing on the go or where access to running water is not available. Can be used as your personal car washing kit, as an outdoor camping travel shower, portable sink faucet or for regular activities around town. A great piece of equipment for rinsing sand off of your feet, surfboard, boat or other toys after a day at the beach! Makes washing dishes while camping a hassle free chore! Dogs love this as is does not have a motor making any noises or the high pressure of a standard water hose. A great item to have on hand for disaster preparedness as well! So many great uses for this product.

  • 12 Volt cigarette lighter adapter power provides up to 130 PSI of pressure
  • Holds over 7 gallons of water (28 Liters) allowing for multiple uses
  • Use as a portable car washer, camping shower, sink faucet or any other water supply need
  • 12.5 Ft. Long flexible hose and accessories makes washer perfect for various types of uses
  • Includes Shower Head, Pressure Sprayer, Soap Dispensing Bottle, and Brush Accessory with Handle. Two extra rubber washers also included.