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RV Camping Mats - Outdoor Patio Mat - Reversible RV Mat - Carrying Strap

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Size:9’ x 12’

These indoor/outdoor mats can be utilized in so many ways! They add a decorative look to your outdoor enjoyment as a patio rv mat, or as an outdoor mat for patio, garden, fireside, BBQ, or yard use! This 9’ x 12’ patio mat is beige and brown with a Moroccan pattern and is a reversible rv mat. Its box size is 36” x 7” x 11” and has a weight of 8 pounds. Made of polypropylene, it is easy to clean making it perfect as an RV floor mat, camping mat, patio floor mat or for any outdoor use. Roll them up and strap them for compact storage for rv travel mats. The polypropylene is soft allowing for a comfortable seat or to walk on when used as a patio floor mat. Spice up your outdoor living area, RV or camping site with this aesthetically pleasing patio mat or RV camp mat!

  • RV Camping Mats are beige and brown patio mats with a decorative Moroccan pattern, measuring 9’ x 12’ and are for indoor or outdoor use.
  • This reversible patio mat can be used as an rv awning patio mat, a camping mat, an rv travel mat, or as an outdoor patio mat in your yard, garden, fireside, BBQ area, or at the beach.
  • Made of durable polypropylene, this patio mat is easy to move, soft to sit or walk on, and easy to clean! Just sweep or spray with water to clean making this patio floor mat very versatile!
  • Comes with solid nylon webbing loop-over carrying strap. Roll up your mat and slide the strap making it easy to maneuver or store your patio RV mat or outdoor patio mat.