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This product has no title on Amazon be2fe2

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  • Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella - Our Xbrella design umbrella is good for those windy days at the beach. The Sand Fill system keeps the umbrella from falling over in winds up to 40+ MPH
  • Large Beach Umbrella - The Xbrella is 7.5' in diameter. Great for good consistent shade so you can enjoy the day at the beach with family and friends. While others are taking down their umbrellas
  • Sand Base System- The key to the Xbrella is the sand base system. The pole goes into the sand about 1 foot and then the sand in the base adds another foot so the umbrella is in 2 feet of sand
  • Patent Pending - This unique design of the Xbrella has been tested and proven to be the best high wind beach umbrella. Our unique design is so creative we have a patent pending with the USPTO